Cocktail (FREE EVENT)

Cocktail (FREE EVENT)

Join us in The Terrace Bar every Thursday during term time for an evening of tasty tipples and good times.

Our mixologists will be on-hand to whip up the most lip-smacking concoctions on an imaginative array of weekly themes.

Harry Potter Week

                Gin Weasley Shooter - £2.50

                (Gordon’s, tangerine syrup, cinnamon)

                Butterbeer - £4.50

                (Absolut Vanilla, Guinness, butterscotch syrup, whipped cream)

                Unicorn Blood - £4.50

                (Jose Cuervo, elderflower cordial, lemon juice)

                Amortentia - £4.50

                (Campari, cranberry juice, white zinfandel rose, soda)

                *Spiced Pumpkin Juice* - £2.00

                (Ginger ale, orange juice, spiced pumpkin syrup)

Event Details

Thursday 17 January 2019

9pm - 1am

The Terrace Bar

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