Holi Colour Party – Wednesday 6 March

The International Student Office, in collaboration with the SU, Warwick Hindu Society, Warwick Indian Society & Warwick India Forum, would like to invite you to celebrate Holi, the Hindu spring festival known as the "festival of colours", with us on 6 March!

The festival traditionally celebrates the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil, but is also well known around the world for its celebration using coloured powder! This is your chance to take part in this fun and memorable event, which is open to ALL students at Warwick!

Purchase your colour powder ticket now for just £4, then bring yourself and a change of clothes to Cryfield Pavilion on 6 March for what promises to be a memorable afternoon! Tickets may sell out for this event, so ensure you book as soon as possible!


Wednesday 6 March 2018
Event start: 14:00
Finishing time: 16:00


Cryfield Sports Pavilion

Price: £4pp for colour powder.
To protect the health and safety of our participants, the use of your own colour powder will NOT be permitted at the event.

  • Colour Powder Ticket includes: up to 6 refills of a cup of colour powder
  • Top tip: traditionally, participants wear white clothing to the event, so that you can come out covered in colour. Please be aware, though, that the colour may stain your clothes so choose your clothes carefully, and please remember to bring a change of clothes with you for after the event!

Important Information

The event will take place outdoors, at the Cryfield Sports Pavilion. Please be aware that the ground may be muddy, so appropriate footwear and clothing is essential. As there is a risk of staining to your clothes, we recommend that you wear old clothes to the event, in case they become stained.

We recommend that you wear eye protection during the event as the powder may cause eye irritation if it comes in contact with your eyes.

Designated Cryfield Sports Pavilion team changing rooms will be available to use throughout the event.

Please be aware that any possessions are left at the owner’s risk.

Arriving at the event late, without suitable footwear, or without suitable clothing, may restrict your participation.

Please read the participant code of conduct and colour powder information sheet carefully before booking.

Please follow link below for Participant Code of Conduct Information


Please follow the below link for Colour Powder Safety Information



Once you have paid for your colour powder, you will receive an email confirmation.

Ticket Confirmation

If your payment is successful, you will receive an automated email confirming this.

You will require the email confirmation and your ID card on the day of the event, in order to collect your colour powder.


Tickets are only for current Warwick students. This event is not suitable for children.

No Refunds

Tickets are non-refundable.
This event has been coordinated by the Global Student Experience Team in the International Student Office. Events are strictly for students of the University.


Event Details

Wednesday 06 March 2019

14:00 - 16:00

Cryfield Sports Pavilion


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