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Event Description

Monday nights at the Union mean only one thing: the legend that is Top Banana rolls into town for a little monkey business. The ultimate cheap & cheerful student night, entry is a mere £1 with selected drinks at the same price all night. Down on the dancefloor it’s mainstream party tunes from right across the spectrum – so expect to hear the latest pop, dance, RnB and indie favourites in addition to those massive party classics you all know and love. With commercial RnB & Hip-Hop in the Cooler and crime-fighting superstar DJ's Tom-Kat at the helm, you can guarantee that things could get silly – very silly indeed…

Each week we ask the student populace to vote online for their favourite tune from a shortlist of five to become that week’s Midnight Pounder, and at the end of the year we also give you the chance to select your five favourites from the 100 most-played tracks to formulate the Top B Top 40.

Top Banana is an integral part of the Warwick experience - love it or hate it, chances are you’ve ended up there at some point this year, arms aloft hollering out the “Durrr-du-duh, durrr-du-duh!” bit in Chelsea Dagger as if your life depended on it!