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Event Description

Warwick Congress 2022: The Conference

Warwick Congress 2022: The Conference


Welcome to Warwick Congress, a student-run careers society that focuses on bridging the gap between Law, Finance, Economics, and Politics. Through our annual flagship conference, we take a multifaceted approach to innovation and change across these four disciplines. Our annual conference, WarCon 2022, contains unique approaches to examining the modern world. 

TRAINING SESSIONS Attend our exclusive training sessions with Clifford Chance, the Birmingham Enterprise Community and more! You will have the chance to interact with industry leaders, making our conference much more interactive than traditional conferences!

KEYNOTE SPEECHES Delegates will hear from speakers in a variety of industries and academic disciplines who will explore the concept of innovation using their unique perspectives.

PANEL DEBATES Gain an insight into the opinions of industry and academic experts on thematic panels on subjects that Warwick Congress wants to tackle. Warwick Congress 2022 is excited to introduce hybrid speaker panels where speakers will explore and discuss issues with students and delegates.

Speakers include:

Mike Bagguley - former COO at Barclays

Nitin Sharma - COO of Trading at BlackRock

Sanjay Vinayak - Founder and CEO of Health & Connect and former MD at Deutsche Bank

Dana Denis-Smith - Founder and CEO at Obelisk Support

Mahmoud Mohieldin - Executive Director at the IMF, former Minister of Investment of Egypt and former Senior VP at the World Bank

... and many more!

START-UP VILLAGE Meet startups who are epitomising the Roaring 20s. These startups are innovating in their respective industries and delegates will be able to network and learn about them in an environment that celebrates change.

NETWORKING DRINKS On Saturday you will have the opportunity to attend our exclusive Networking Drinks with some of our speakers and panellists as well as other students from Warwick and the UK! Tickets are limited so make sure to get them asap for just £5!

Event Details

Saturday 22 January 2022

09:00 - 17:00

The Oculus



£5.00 (ConferenceRoaring20s)
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